Güncelleme Tarihi: 09 January 2021

Visitors: 364

Prof. Dr. Zekai Mete attended the Beykoz 2020 Symposium

Dean of our faculty and faculty member of the Department of History Prof. Dr. Zekai Mete attended the Beykoz 2020 Symposium, of which he is a member of the Scientific Committee of, with a paper. The symposium held online between 27-29 November 2020,  and Prof. Dr. Zekai Mete contributed with his paper "The Historical Development of Beykoz and Its Vicinity After the Conquest of Istanbul".

67 papers were presented under the session titles of "Geological Structure in Beykoz", "Beykoz from the Ancient Age to the 20th Century", "Population and Settlement Geography of Beykoz", "The Story of Industry in Beykoz", "Beykoz in the Focus of Tourism" "," The Function and Ecology of Beykoz Forests "," Beykoz's Human Geography "," Social Spatial Development of Beykoz "," Beykoz Glass Industry: From the Past to the Future "," Beykoz in Our Literature "," "Everyday Life in Beykoz in the 19th Century", "History in Beykoz from Yoros to Hisar", "Political Life in Beykoz", "Urbanization, Transformation and Sustainability in Beykoz", "Historical and Cultural Heritage in Beykoz" "Education “Beykoz as a City” and “The Spiritual Climate of Beykoz”.

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